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Personal update

April 26, 2008 - 01:17 AM Posted by Sykoi

Well, as some of you on the forums may have noticed, I've been absent as of late. This is due to the fact that a close friend, and a fan of Tatsumaki, has recently passed away. While very few of you knew him, he was in #tatsumaki from time to time under

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Ring around the Rosie!

December 08, 2007 - 01:21 AM Posted by Zed

Hey there readers! Sorry for the long away, again, Real life seems to like me a bit too much. Anyway, a bit of an update, I am currenctly working on some modeling work, Huts, Houses, and hot sexy poly's. I should have a few pics up before the end

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A Past Corrected

August 26, 2007 - 07:39 AM Posted by Zed

Hello from the dark pits of 3D modeling, A small news report on what's going on in the world of Tatsumaki. As you might have seen in the Gallery, the newly released picture is a Dojo. And with the help of Troy our new concept artist, I was able to

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The server scene graph

May 07, 2007 - 08:00 PM Posted by Herede

Yesterday, Jay and I discussed how to represent the world on the server side. We came to the conclusion that a tree-based scene graph would be appropriate for this task. Basically, the idea is this. Each area server (the world is split between

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My experiment

May 06, 2007 - 03:48 AM Posted by Sykoi

I have started an experimental forum to help lighten my work load, so I may focus on Tatsumaki and my life once again. This forum is simply an area for you to request scripts, tutorials and articles. Any accepted script will be sold or given away to

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Some Update and Future

April 23, 2007 - 08:50 AM Posted by jhhsia

Hi All, I feel the need to update during this critical time since everyone seems to be busy on their life. And yes, Tatsumaki is still alive. For the past month I have been trying to come out another Tech demo. However, I found myself

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New Inn Model

March 06, 2007 - 12:32 AM Posted by falc107

The other model lacked a good interior. I remedied it by working from the inside out. However, the base model has completely changed looks.

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select, accept, select, recv... repeat

February 28, 2007 - 08:57 PM Posted by Herede

The title pretty much sums it up. At least if you've ever worked with sockets programming. If you haven't, you can consider yourself lucky! No, just kidding. Actually, sockets programming can be pretty entertaining, when it works as expected. :) There

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Another dev journal by zorb

February 28, 2007 - 02:12 AM Posted by Zorbon

Well things are looking bright this morning! Well then again it could just be the stupid sun shining bright as hell as it always does in Florida! I woke up after a fairly decent night sleep sat down on my computer, fired up arch, popped in my maya for

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What we've been up to

February 25, 2007 - 09:39 PM Posted by Sykoi

I would just like to make a new "What we've been up to" post to keep everyone up to date on our going ons.... Lately theres been some rumblings about how it seems we haven't done much, and this just isn't true, and I will explain

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